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Michael A. Mallin, Research Professor

photoPh.D., Marine and Estuarine Ecology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1992
M.S., Environmental Science, University of Florida, 1978
B.S., Botany, Ohio State University, 1975
Myrtle Grove 1331 | (910) 962-2358 | Center for Marine Science, 5600 Marvin K. Moss Lane, Wilmington, NC 28409 |

My current research interests include the causes and effects of eutrophication, the sources and impacts of urban pollution, land use and how it affects water quality, techniques on mitigating urban pollution, the impacts of industrialized livestock production on the environment, and environmental management issues. I serve as the Research Coordinator for the Lower Cape Fear River Program and the Wilmington Watersheds Program. In my research I collaborate with biologists, chemists, engineers and land use planners. I have served as President of both the Southeastern Estuarine Research Society and the North Carolina Lake Management Society, I am an Aldo Leopold Environmental Leadership Fellow, and I am an elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

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