Biology & Marine Biology

We are the Biology and Marine Biology Department. Hands on education and research in a coastal setting. Immerse yourself!
Marine Botany Students Sample in Florida Bay
Dr. Danner shows off bird eggs to students at STEAM Team Event
Dr. Michael Tift Works with Northern Elephant Seals
Dr. Steve Emslie's Lab works with Penguins in Antarctica

Greetings from the Chair

Dr. Koopman Welcome to the Department of Biology and Marine Biology!

Whether it's using cutting edge technology to decode the molecular basis of cell function, SCUBA diving to measure the impact of global climate change on coastal habitats, or building virtual ecosystems to uncover hidden connections, students and faculty in the Department of Biology and Marine Biology are engaged in scientific inquiry across the range of the life sciences. Students in our department pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in both biology (BA, BS, MS) and marine biology (BS, MS, PhD) that emphasize hands-on involvement in research and take advantage of our coastal setting and first-class facilities including the Center for Marine Science. Our faculty are dedicated scholars engaged in classroom teaching and student mentorship, high caliber research, and service to the university and broader community. If you are new to our department, please take a few moments to explore this site to learn about the department and our programs; and be sure to check this page often for new happenings and information. Finally, we'd love to hear from you, so please contact us with any questions or suggestions.

Heather N. Koopman
 Professor and Chair