Best for the Nest

Guiding Principles

UNCW is committed to a culture of personal responsibility for community health and safety. We believe that no member of our campus community should be put at undue risk, or be put in a situation in which they need to choose between participating as a member of our campus community and their personal or family health. Every member of our community – including you – must do their part. This means adhering to national, state, and local health guidelines and requirements, as well as those measures UNCW deems safe and appropriate for its campus.

Although UNCW holds as paramount the health, safety and welfare of every Seahawk, none of us can guarantee what shape or path COVID-19 will take, and no one – including UNCW – can guarantee a COVID-19-free environment. We must remind you, in the spirit of complete transparency, that returning to our campus in person means there is a risk you may contract COVID-19. We are taking all recommended steps to mitigate this risk, but we cannot categorically guarantee you will not contract the virus. Teaching, learning and working on our campus will inherently pose some risk. We ask that you consult with your managers, the Student Health Center and/or Human Resources to discuss any concerns you may have about protecting your own safety on our campus.

UNCW has a data-driven plan to return to campus gradually. Changes in the return plan will be determined by guidance and data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and from state, local and university health professionals. This process will include appropriate physical distancing, cleaning and sanitizing of workplace surfaces, and availability of personal protective equipment and face coverings for on-campus employees. Administrators and departmental supervisors will determine which employees will return to work on campus and how to implement these requirements for their units.

Early on in the process, UNCW identified these guiding principles to lead the return-to-work decision making:

  • Health and Safety
  • Student Success
  • Quality Teaching and Learning
  • Financial Stability
  • Community Interactions
  • Continuity of Operations

While all of these areas are important, the health and safety of the UNCW community is at the forefront of all decision making.