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Data Dashboard

The dashboard represents confirmed COVID cases among UNCW students, faculty, and staff. Remember that while these numbers represent individuals within the UNCW community, they may not be residing on or working on campus. The dashboard does not include individuals who may have confirmed cases, but have not shared that information with the university. UNCW encourages everyone to report a positive test by calling 910.962.0587 or emailing The "filter by date" feature above the daily positive cases tracker to makes it easier to review the data during specific date ranges. Please slide the tabs within the feature to focus on data from specific time frames.


Vaccination Rates

as of 4.04.22

Off-Campus Students
attending on-campus classes
Residential Students Faculty & Staff
75% 80% 92%

Please note: These spring semester percentages will be updated periodically as the Student Health Center receives more vaccination status information from students and employees. 

Percentage of the population fully vaccinated in New Hanover County as of 4.04.22: 63%
Resource: NCDHHS Vaccinations Dashboard

Privacy Statement:  To protect individuals’ private health information, UNCW will not identify employees or students diagnosed with COVID-19.

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