Benthic Ecology Laboratory

Student Projects

Current Graduate Students

  • Marc Hanke, Ph.D.
  • Eden Garcia, Ph.D.
  • James Hargrove, M.M.S
  • Mary Grace Lemon, M.M.S.
  • Keith Walls, M.M.S.
  • Elliot Weston, M.S.
  • Chuck Wilson, M.S.
  • Ted Wilgis, M.S.

Previous Graduate Work

  • Dave Meyer, Ph.D. 2006. Comparison of nekton utilization of smooth cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora)marshbased onmarshsize and degree of isolation from like habitat : do size and site location matter?
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  • Corey Novak, M.S. 2011. Benthic community development on edge vs. interior of created salt marshes
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  • Anne Markwith, M.S. 2010. Distribution patterns and select life history characteristics of Ostrea equestris (Say 1834) in southeastern North Carolina
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  • Sara Colosimo, M.S. 2007. Comparison of Perkinsus marinus infection and oyster condition in southeastern North Carolina tidal creeks
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  • Steve Artabane, M.S. 2006. The effects of proximity to a subtidal channel on habitat utilization of intertidal oyster reefs
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  • Joe Sonnier, M.S. 2006. Influence of habitat complexity in structuring species-specific interactions and trophic linkages on oyster reefs of southeastern North Carolina
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  • Heather Harwell, M.S. 2004. Landscape aspects of oyster reefs : fragmentation and habitat utilization
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  • Russ Barbour, M.S. 2003. Patterns of larval distribution and settlement in a river-dominated estuary
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  • Kim Cressman, M.S. 2003. Effects of intertidal oyster reefs on water quality in a tidal creek ecosystem
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  • Thomas Molesky, M.S. 2003. Interactions between oyster reefs and adjacent sandflats : effects on microphytobenthos and sediment characteristics
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  • Meredith Owens, M.S 2003. Growth, reproduction and survivorship responses to food enhancements for two species of estuarine polychaetes: Streblospio benedicti and Laeonereis culveri
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  • Jonathan Hartsell, M.S. 2002. Mesoscale disturbance and consequences for benthic community structure
  • David Wells, M.S. 2001- Effects of hemichordate bioturbation and metabolite production on benthic communities
  • Lindsey Hancock, M.S. 1999.Relationship between marsh patch size and nekton distribution
  • Troy Alphin, M.S. 1998. Effects of hemichordate bioturbation on infaunal abundances and composition on a sandflat in southeastern North Carolina
  • John Rhoads, M.S. 1998. Utilization of isolated and mixed structural habitats in an estuarine system
  • Mike Hosey, M.S. 1997. Burrowing and life history characteristics of the mud-shrimp, Upogebia affinis (Say)
  • Chris Powell , M.S. 1996. Trophic linkages between intertidal oyster reefs and their adjacent sandflat communities
  • Amy Innis

Current Honors Students

  • Jenae Progar
  • Alison Monroe

Previous Honors Work