The North Carolina Shellfish Siting Tool

Siting Tool Updates

October 11, 2017

  • Seafood Markets (NEW layer)

A compiled dataset of seafood markets and distributors in coastal North Carolina, used as a spatial reference for growers and potential growers when looking for a lease close to possible buyers.

  • Utilized Channels (NEW layer)

Known used channels were added to a layer, not intended for navigation and only intended for potential leasees in the application process.

  • Wrecks and Obstructions (NEW layer)

From NOAA Digital Coast dataset, point dataset displaying possible wrecks/obstructions in waterways.

August 29, 2017

  • Depth Feet

clipped out land data points and reordered the interval sizes regarding symbology of the layer

July 28, 2017

  • Current SGA Classifications 2017 (NEW layer)

only shows the latest water classifications

  • Historic SGA Classifications 2007-2017 (NEW layer)

shows water classifications from 2007 to 2017 with a time slider that is cumulative over time

  • Military Danger Zones (NEW layer)

highlights the known Military Danger Zones and Areas dataset

  • Shellfish Leases

minor adjustments to leases that were showing up in the wrong areas, and updated the dataset 

  • Submerged Aquatic Vegetation

New River area was updated 

  • Submerged Land Claims (NEW layer)

added a land claim dataset 

June 14, 2017

  • Artificial Reefs

  • Boating Access Areas

  • Bottom Type

  • Depth Feet

  • Depth Raster (NEW layer)

  • Lands Managed

  • Salinity Raster (NEW layer)

  • SGA Classifications

April 10, 2017

  • Artificial Reefs

  • Lands Managed

  • NC Land Cover

  • Orthoimagery

  • Salinity

  • SGA Classifications