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Faculty/Staff Textbook Scholarship Program

NEW! Application Documents for Spring 2023 participation will be accepted until January 19.

The Textbook Scholarship Program allows eligible UNCW employees to receive required textbook(s) from the UNCW Bookstore for undergraduate or graduate classes taken by tuition benefit or fee waiver. The program permits the use of required textbook(s) for three courses per academic year, and one course for each summer session. The benefit is for used textbooks - new textbooks are provided only if used textbooks are not available.

The Textbook Scholarship covers all textbook(s) from the UNCW Bookstore only for the class or classes listed on the approved tuition waiver form.

To Participate

Submit the following documents either in person to the Auxiliary Services front desk, by campus mail to campus mailbox 5914, Attention: Faculty/Staff Textbook Scholarship, or by e-mail to

  1. A completed Textbook Scholarship Application 
  2. A completed and approved Application for Tuition Waiver or Benefit and Fee Waiver (HR 4.10) (All permanent UNCW employees (working 30+ hours per week) participating in TSERS or ORP retirement systems are eligible for a tuition waiver for three courses during the academic year (fall and spring) at UNCW and other branches of the UNC system. A similar 'Tuition Benefit' is available for one course for each summer session at UNCW. For more information: Staff Tuition Waivers)
  3. A copy of your class schedule (Can be found in MySeaport)

Once all completed documents have been received, you will receive an email confirming your participation in the program for the semester.

Remember Application Due Dates: Application documents will be accepted until the end of drop/add for Fall & Spring semesters, and until the first day of Summer I class for both Summer I & Summer II session participation. Depending on class enrollment numbers and the demand for textbook(s) they cannot be guaranteed to be promptly available.

To Receive Textbooks

The bookstore will host a pick-up luncheon in the Fall and Spring for program participants. You will be sent an invitation for the luncheon each semester. If you cannot attend the luncheon, please contact Faculty/Staff Textbooks at for an alternate time to pick up your books from the auxiliary services office.

Summer participants will be contacted when their books are ready to be picked up in auxiliary services.

To Return Textbooks

Complete the Textbook Check-In Form and either submit this electronically or place the form inside one of the textbooks and return them to Megan Allred in Auxiliary Services, Warwick Center, Campus Box 5914. If the textbook(s) are not returned by the end of finals, you will be charged the price of the book(s).

If you wish to keep your textbook(s), you will only be charged for the buy-back value of the book(s). Contact FAS Textbooks for details.


Contact FAS Textbooks at

Updated January 11.