Assessment at UNCW

General Education Assessment

2015 Annual Report

  • Executive Summary

    The report provides the results of the General Education Assessment efforts for the academic year 2014-2015. Two learning goals were assessed using work products from 289 student work products from two University Studies components.

  • Diversity

    In Spring 2015, 112 student work products were sampled from EDN 200, ENG 230, and NSG 405, all in the Living in Our Diverse Nation component of University Studies. For lower-division courses, the majority of student
    work met the benchmark level of 2 for all dimensions scored. For the upper-division courses, two dimensions were deemed not applicable to the assignment. For DV1 Factual Knowledge, there was a lower percentage of student work scoring at a level three in upper division courses than work scoring at a level three in lower division courses.

    Global Citizenship

    In Spring 2015, 181 student work products were sampled from ENG 100, HST 103, FRH 304, and INB 300, all in the Living in a Global Society component of University Studies. Lower division work had a larger percentage (than did upper division work) of work scoring a two or higher all dimensions, except for GC5 Ethical Responsibility. Additionally, the percentage of scores at a level three or higher was greater for lower-division courses for GC1 Factual Knowledge, GC2 Knowledge of Connections, and GC3 Use of Diverse Cultural Frams. However, on GC4 and GC5, upper-division work had larger percentages scoring a three or higher.

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