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General Education Assessment

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The purpose of assessing General Education at UNCW is to explore this question:

To what extent are students attaining the UNCW Learning Goals*?

*The UNCW Learning Goals reflect what graduates of a four year liberal-studies college should be able to do and what employers are looking for in their future employees.

Answering this question involves a four-step process, described below.

The four steps of the assessment cycle: assess, analyze, develop, act


This step involves collecting student course assignments and scoring the work using guides called rubrics. Not all UNCW Learning Goals are assessed and not all courses are selected to participate in the General Education Assessment process every year.


During the Analyze step of the assessment cycle, the scores from the Assess step are analyzed statistically. During this step, researchers work to determine to what extent students are attaining the UNCW Learning Goals. Reports are written detailing the results and are distributed to UNCW faculty and administration.


The Develop step is an important part of the assessment loop for General Education at UNCW. During this step, results from the previous assessments are considered and plans are made for how best to address those results.


This step involves putting into action the plans that were made based on assessment results. The Act step is where the feedback about student achievement of the UNCW Learning Goals is used to make changes to how and what students learn at UNCW.

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