Assessment at UNCW

General Education Assessment

2015 Annual Report

The below table shows thes applicable Global Citizenship scores for work sampled from lower-divison courses.

Looking at the percentage of scores at level three and four, work was scored highest on GC1 Factual Knowledge and GC2 Knowledge of Connections. Interestingly, GC1 was also one of three dimensions in which more than 40% of scores were at the zero or one score level; GC4 Tolerance of Differences and GC5 Ethical Responsibility were the other two. A portion of work was deemed not applicable for GC2 (27.3%) and GC4 (75%).

There are significant positive correlations between scores on GC1 and GC3 Use of Diverse Cultural References as well as GC4 Ethical Responsibility. There is also a significant positive correlation between scores on GC3 and GC4. The complete correlations coefficients table can be accessed here.