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General Education Assessment

Faculty leading class discussion

For Course Faculty

What to expect during the General Education assessment process:

  1. Learn more about the process
  2. Add the Statement for Students to your syllabus
  3. Select an assignment
  4. Submit logistical information
  5. Schedule collection of student work products
  6. Provide feedback

Learn more about the process

Once the course sections have been selected for participation for the semester, faculty can opt to learn more and arrange the data collection logistics via email, a Zoom meeting, or (when able) an in-person meeting with the General Education Assessment coordinator. This communication will provide the participating faculty member a chance to learn more about the General Education assessment process and rubrics that will be used (if applicable), and to ask questions.

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Add the Statement for Students to your syllabus

Before the beginning of the semester, participating faculty should add the Statement for Students to the syllabus for the course from which student work will be sampled. The General Education Office will collect a copy of the syllabus for their records.

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Select an assignment

Participating faculty will each decide upon one assignment (or test question(s), etc.) to be used in the assessment process for the course section selected to participate. The student work collected for General Education assessment should be an assignment that students are completing for the course and not an additional assignment meant only for the assessment process. Additionally, the assignment should be one that allows for rich representation of students' foundational knowledge and/or abilities as represented by the rubric(s) that will be used for scoring (rubrics are not used for Foundational Knowledge data collection).

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Submit logistical information

A few weeks into the semester, the General Education Assessment office will begin contacting participating faculty for a copy of the course syllabus, information about the assignment itself, the due date of the assignment, the format of the student work product. It is necessary to collect this information early in the semester so that the appropriate number of scorers can be recruited and so scoring training and scoring sessions can be scheduled.

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Schedule collection of student work products

Once students have turned in their assignment, the General Education Assessment office will collect student work. If the students are submitting their work electronically, the General Education office will work with faculty about the best way to collect these files (if submitted via Canvas, the General Education Assessment Coordinator can collect it directly once provided TA access to the course). If the work has been submitted in hardcopy, the office will arrange a time to collect the work, photocopy it, and return it within 24 hours. The ideal time is immediately after the class meeting in which the work was submitted; this allows the office to make copies of the work and return it the faculty quickly for grading.

For Foundational Knowledge data collection, the office does not collect copies of student work but only data about students' performance on questions/assignments that were selected to best represent knowledge foundational to the discipline (typically correct/partially correct/incorrect), by student.

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Provide feedback

Feedback about the assessment process is vital. We use feedback from participating instructors to improve the General Education Assessment process and to ensure that our methods are working well to assess students' abilities. At the end of each semester, we ask participating faculty members to complete a brief survey about their experience so that we can collect and study this feedback.

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