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2015 Annual Report

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      Two of the eight university learning goals were assessed during AY 2014-2015 using course-embedded assignments. The following table combines the results from all studies and presents the percentage of work products at each grade level that met or exceeded the performance benchmark or proficiency level for each dimension of the rubrics. You can access a PDF of the following table here.

      chart of scores by grade level

      This table provides information about how students at each class level (0-30 hours, 31-60 hours, 61-90 hours, and 90+ hours) performed on all dimensions across General Education Assessment studies for AY 2013-2-14. It is important to note that, while a level one score indicates the benchmark at which a freshman is expected to perform and a level four score indicates what a graduating senior should demonstrate, levels two and three do not necessarily correspond to sophomore and junior class designation. Rather, score levels two and three indicate developmental milestones that student work is expected to achieve as students move toward satisfying degree requirements.

      Looking at the scores of freshman students, all dimensions across both studies had 87% or more of student work achieving the level one benchmark. Looking at the scores of senior students across the two studies, only three dimensions (GC 2, GC 3, and GC 4) had more than 10% of student work achieving a capstone level of four.

      Looking at the percentage of students in sophomore and junior class level categories achieving at the levels two and three milestones, we see that sophomore-level student work more often reached a level two that junior-level work reached a level three. This is true for all dimensions.

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