Assessment at UNCW

Assessment Planning and Reporting

Part 1: Expected Outcomes

Part 2: Assessment Methods and Tools

Part 3: Implementation

For each assessment tool, describe how the assessment will be administered, for example as the final exam or project in a capstone course, part of an exam (specific questions only), or through a survey taken by graduates. Explain whether data will be collected for all students in the program, or whether sampling will take place. If sampling will be used, describe why and how it will be done. For student learning assessments, explain who will be scoring the work and how scorers will be trained and calibrated. Explain how the data will be collected and stored. Include a timeline for implementation, including in which semesters or years data will be collected for each Expected Outcome. Describe timelines/future plans for assessing outcomes which are not currently being assessed.

Part 4: Summary of Findings

Part 5: Actions Taken

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Last modified November 7, 2011