Assessment at UNCW

Assessment Planning and Reporting

Part 1: Outcomes

Part 2: Assessment Plans

Part 3: Assessment Findings

Part 4: Actions for Improvement

Faculty discussion should prompt opportunities for celebrating success, and for refining the assessment, the rubric, and the program curriculum. Recommendations and proposed next steps made as a result of the findings should be documented. In subsequent years, the results of these changes can be analyzed, for example through longitudinal comparison of assessment results.

The following are example Actions Taken based on the previous Sample Summary of Findings.

1. Course syllabi for HIST xxx and HIST xxx will be augmented to include a course-level outcome related to awareness of interpretive differences.

2. It is recommended that all faculty devote more class time to the promotion of multiple points of view and help students become aware that there can be multiple interpretations of evidence.

3. A committee will be set up to review the language of the rubric for SLO 1 to make sure that Level 3 represents a satisfactory minimum passing level.

Part 5: Status Report

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