Assessment at UNCW


Assessment in Support and Service Programs

Actions Taken

When evidence and subsequent analysis and discussion indicate that improvement is warranted, these improvements should be listed in the Actions Taken column. That is, ONLY actions taken that are directly based on assessment findings should be reported in the assessment report. It is likely that other actions were taken during the year for other reasons (budgetary, etc.), but these non-assessment related actions should not be recorded. Since it is important for actions to be evidence-driven, a unit should reevaluate the decision-making process in light of assessment findings.

It is helpful to those outside your unit if you clearly link your actions to the evidence (reported in the Summary of Findings) that were the catalyst for the change. The report, taken as a whole, should tell the story of your assessment process, results, and improvements made based on those results. Bridging words help the reader understand this progression.

Examples of Actions Taken

The following are a few examples of actions taken that are based on examples from the Summary of Findings page.

Example 1

Since the topic of ______ is of interest to faculty, but last year's session did not meet expectations, we will reconstruct the workshop and solicit new prospective presenters.

Example 2

Based on customer requests, two training workshops on specific aspects of the application will be schedule during the academic year.

Examples 3, 5 and 6

No action is necessary.

Example 4

To improve student ability to schedule study rooms, an on-line sign up log will be created that provides a calendar of activity. This will allow students to include the study room calendar along with their personal calendars when scheduling group study time.

Example 7

Findings showed that students were not confident in their course selections. The tutorial will be enhanced to include scheduling a meeting with an advisor and links to webpages which describe in detail the requirements and course offerings for University Studies.