Assessment at UNCW

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Assessment in Academic Programs


At UNCW, the assessment of student learning is at the heart of assessment of all program-level, college-level, and campus-level assessment. Student work collected at the course and activity level for both academic degree program assessment and general education program assessment is faculty centered and serves an important role in decision making at all levels.

Every undergraduate program and credential program at UNCW has an assessment plan and regularly reports the results of its assessment and program improvement activities following the UNCW Division of Academic Affairs Guidelines for Annual Reporting of Student Learning Outcomes Assessment and Academic Program Outcomes Assessment Activities. Each program aligns its program outcomes to the UNCW Strategic Plan Priorities and its student learning outcomes to the UNCW Learning Goals. Assessment reports are reviewed by the unit assessment directors and submitted annually to the Office of the Provost. Starting in Fall 2016, all academic programs will submit their assessment reports through Taskstream AMS.The links on the right under Assessment Resources provide in-depth information to support program and assessment coordinators with developing, implementing, and reporting their program assessment activities and results.

UNCW and the NILOA Transparency Framework

UNCW uses processes for assessing student learning that are informed by best practices, including the NILOA Transparency Framework. Yet, like all institutions, these processes are rooted in UNCW institutional values. Click here to learn more about how UNCW practices are aligned with the NILOA Transparency Framework.

College and School Contacts and Webpages

More information about assessment procedures in each college and school can be found at the following websites or from the assessment directors.

College of Arts and Sciences Assessing Student Learning
        Mr. Terrell Bryant
        CAS Coordinator for Curriculum and Assessment
        (910) 962-0536
College of Health and Human Services Assessment Team
        Dr. Jaci Webb-Dempsey
        Director of Program Assessment, Accreditation, and Development
       (910) 962-2161
Cameron School of Business Assurance of Learning
        Director of Program Assessment, Accreditation, and Development
       (910) 962-2161
        Director of Program Assessment, Accreditation, and Development
       (910) 962-2161