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Kenan Auditorium - Standard Rider

All contracts for performances at Kenan Auditorium are subject to the University's Standard Rider. The following descriptions of services and requirements comprise the STANDARD RIDER referenced in all contracts. By signing contract(s), Renters agree to abide by this rider and pay all scheduled and incidental fees and charges. Failure to comply may result in a noncompliance fee, withdrawal of access to the auditorium and/or event termination.
Per University policy, payment for all Kenan Auditorium invoices is due no later than 30 days after receipt of the invoice. Failure to comply will result in loss of future event scheduling opportunities.

University Resources

The University will provide the Renter with technical services for activities scheduled at Kenan Auditorium. Production services, Ticket Office services, equipment, and technical staff can be arranged by the Director of Artistic Operations at the rates described in the Rental Costs section.


Kenan Auditorium requires a nonrefundable deposit in the amount of the projected facility rental total. 


If Kenan Auditorium is rendered unsuitable for the conduct of the contracted event by reason of Force Majeure, the University may terminate this Agreement by written notice within five days following such casualty. Force Majeure shall mean fire, earthquake, hurricane, flood, act of God, epidemics or pandemics, nuclear explosions, strikes, work stoppages, or other labor disturbances, riots or civil commotions, war or other act of any foreign nation, terrorism, power of government, or governmental agency or authority, or any other cause like or unlike any cause mentioned which is beyond the control of the University. The University shall not be responsible for any damages sustained by the Renter and is under no obligation to reschedule the event, but Renter shall be entitled to a refund of the deposit if any.

If the Renter cancels the event less than 30 days prior to the event, Renter will be held responsible for contracted venue, staff and service charges, unless the contracted event is canceled by reason of Force Majeure. [See above]

The Renter must return a signed contract to the Kenan Auditorium office thirty days prior to the scheduled event. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the event and removal from the auditorium schedule


All events at the Kenan Auditorium must be ticketed events. Ticketing is handled through and supervised by the UNCW Arts Ticket Office.

Sales Tax

Per the North Carolina Department of Revenue and State of North Carolina statute, Kenan Auditorium will apply the mandated 7% sales tax to each ticket sold from the UNCW Arts Ticket Office (state sales tax of 4.75%; New Hanover County sales tax of 2.25%).

N.C. General Statute § 105-164.4(a)(10)

A person that operates an entertainment venue that offers an entertainment activity subject to the tax imposed by N.C. Gen. Stat. § 105-164.4(a)(10) is regarded by the Secretary as the retailer. The retailer that operates an entertainment venue is liable for the 4.75% general State and applicable local and transit rates of sales tax on the admission charges, notwithstanding that a ticket agent or person, other than a ticket reseller, sells admission tickets to the entertainment activity in addition to the retailer that operates the entertainment venue. Where the terms of an agreement provide that a person other than the operator of an entertainment venue is liable for the sales and use tax on the admission charges to the entertainment activity subject to tax per N.C. Gen. Stat. § 105-164.4(a)(10), the person that operates the entertainment venue is not liable for the tax.

Documentation for rental/booking

A signed contract, form W-9, proof of insurance and applicable deposit must be received 30 days prior to the event or the event date will be released.

Merchandise Sales

Merchandise sales, excluding food and beverage, may be sold in the lobby of Kenan Auditorium (one 6-foot table is allowed per UNCW Fire and Safety Code). University policy stipulates that 20% of all sales revenues revert to the Auditorium. No outside food or beverages. Concessions may be arranged by the Director of Artistic Operations.


The Renter and/or Client agree to purchase at its own expense a comprehensive liability insurance policy. A certificate of insurance verifying the existence of this policy must be presented to fully execute the rental agreement. The policy coverage shall include general or public liability; property damage; and bodily injury. The insurance policy must be written by a company licensed to do business in the State of North Carolina. The policy shall have a per occurrence minimum limit of $1 million and an aggregate limit or a general aggregate limit of $2 million property damage. The university shall be named as an additional insured on the Renter's general liability policy.

The endorsement adding the university shall read as follows:

UNCW its successors and/or assigns ATIMA
601 South College Road
Wilmington, NC 28403

The Client agrees that the insurance purchased hereunder shall be the primary coverage for any and all incidents occurring during the rental period. There will be no circumstances or policy provisions or restrictions under which the university's rights can be subrogated to any third party.

A certificate evidencing the insurance as required under this Agreement shall be delivered to UNCW no later than 30 days prior to the start of the event. Each such certificate shall contain a valid provision or endorsement that the policy may not be canceled, terminated, changed or modified without giving ten days written notice to the UNCW. Providing and maintaining insurance coverage is a material term of this contract and a basis for cancellation of the same.

Incident Reports

All incidents of injury, equipment failure or damage, facility damage or violations of Federal/State laws, local ordinances or University policy must be reported immediately. The auditorium staff will take appropriate action and file reports. The Renter is responsible for informing all organization/company members of this requirement.


The lobby must be kept clear and quiet at all times. Rehearsals and classes must be restricted to the spaces assigned. The Renter must maintain appropriate decorum while in the building so that other programs, work duties, rehearsals, and classes are not disturbed. The Renter must provide supervisory staff for all of the organization's participants.


Renters must keep spaces clean and leave rooms in the condition they find them. All discarded items must be small enough to fit into the dumpster. Items left in the building and items too large to fit into the dumpster will be removed. Removal costs will be billed to the Renter. The use of glitter is prohibited in Kenan Auditorium and on stage.

Food & Beverages

Craft Services and Hospitality are permitted backstage. Food and beverage service may be discussed as an addition to your rental.

NC law prohibits the possession, sale, or consumption of alcoholic beverages on state property except as approved, licensed and administered by the University's contracted caterer. Possession, sale and/or consumption of controlled substances as defined by the North Carolina General Statutes constitutes a violation of state law, local ordinance, University policy, and contract terms. Such violation by any company member or organizational member is grounds for immediate termination of the event.

It is the responsibility of the renter to inform all participants of UNCW Kenan Auditorium policies. Noncompliance may result in a fine.


Smoking is not permitted in the auditorium or within 25 feet of the building. The sole exception is the inclusion of smoking in a theatrical presentation in which such smoking is deemed essential to the furtherance of the presentation and integral to the performance. Such usage must be approved in writing from the Director of Artistic Operations and made a part of the contract prior to mounting the show. In addition, a technician designated as a fireman must be hired and must be on duty at any time smoking occurs on stage.


Furniture and equipment may not be moved without express staff permission. Damage to any furniture, equipment, or the building must be reported immediately. Repair/replacement costs will be billed to the renter.


Renters that plan on capturing their event with video or photography must coordinate with Kenan Auditorium Technical Director two weeks prior to the event date. Kenan Auditorium is not responsible for providing cabling or equipment to 3rd party videographers/photographers. It is the responsibility of the renter to communicate to the hired source that any and all gear needed to perform that service should be provided by the hired party.


The Kenan Auditorium maintains a standard set-up and par stock of equipment. Only Kenan staff may repair, replace, or substitute University equipment. Only staff technicians or contract employees will operate or move University equipment. Renters are liable for equipment damage.


If your event requires a tent, a dig permit must be issued by UNCW's Physical Plant (910) 962-3101 if tent spikes will be used. A dig permit is not required if the tent is weighted instead of spiked. Production tents set up behind the building should always be weighted, never spiked. Reception tents set up on the side lawn will typically use spikes and will require a dig permit. Any plans to use a tent as part of an event must be approved by the Director of Artistic Operations.


If a client desires food or refreshments backstage or at a reception site, it must be provided by Campus Dining (ARAMARK) by a separate contract with and billing by Campus Dining (910) 962-3600. The University's contract with ARAMARK applies to all functions on the UNCW campus, and ARAMARK provides all food service for events at Kenan Auditorium. The University will not permit the client to bring in food or beverages. Any plans to use catering as part of an event must be communicated to the Director of Artistic Operations.

Auditorium Staff

The Auditorium Staff will supervise the use of all equipment for all load-in and set-up activities, technical rehearsals, performances, strike, and restoration.

The Crew Chief is responsible for all activities backstage during load-in, rehearsal(s), performance(s), strike, and restoration. The Crew Chief will submit a Crew Chief's Report at the end of each rental period which will include time used, personnel involved, and equipment used, as well as any equipment failures, incidents or problems associated with the residency.

Client Staff: All volunteer or subcontracted staff provided by the client will need to report to Kenan Auditorium's Technical Director. Volunteer and subcontracted staff are held to the same policies and procedures as Kenan Auditorium employees. The policies and procedures include, but are not limited to, codes of conduct and crew attire. The Director of Artistic Operations and Technical Director reserves the right to dismiss any staff not in compliance with Kenan Auditorium policies.

Minimum Requirements for Technical Staff

  • All events require a Crew Chief and one or more stage technicians.
  • The Crew Chief and at least one technician must be on duty for the duration of the event. The Crew Chief and technician(s) will open the facility, provide requested equipment, and close the facility.
  • The minimum call for the Crew Chief and technician(s) is one hour before the event (or load-in) and one-half hour after the event (or load-out).
  • In no case may the call for Crew Chief or technician(s) be fewer than four hours.

Crew Meal/Break

Crew members may not work for a period of more than 6 hours per day without a meal and/or meal break of at least 30 minutes. Crew members working 10 or more hours will be given two meals and/or meal breaks.
Unless the crew member is relieved of all duty during his or her 30 minute meal period, it is considered an "on duty" meal period resulting in the application of a $36.00 buyout or presenter provided meal per affected crew member.

If the client fails to provide a crew member a meal and/or meal break, the client will be billed $36.00 per affected crew member for each meal and/or meal break missed.

Standard Set-Up

The stage, house, and lobby must be cleared after each use. Any items left by the Renter will be removed and the removal costs billed to the Renter.

Lighting Projection and Sound Systems

Lighting instruments are hung in a general lighting plot. The Renter will be billed for any changes to the Standard Plot as well as for restoration of the Standard Plot at the conclusion of the residency. Any additional equipment connected to the lighting system or audio system must be tested and approved by the Technical Director prior to use. Any damage to auditorium equipment resulting from unauthorized equipment use will be repaired or replaced at the Renter's expense.

Sound Levels

Kenan Auditorium enforces a maximum 92 Db sound level, as measured from the soundboard, for all events. The Presenter is expected to enforce this policy. Should Presenter or Artists refuse to adjust the audio level to appropriate decibel level, Kenan Auditorium shall reserve the right to stop the production, with the Presenter to be liable for all ticket refunds in addition to all other production charges incurred.


Renters must strike their productions immediately following the final performance. The strike must include all sets, costumes, and properties as well as the removal of all materials from the house and/or lobby, dressing rooms, and any auxiliary spaces used. Kenan Auditorium will not assume responsibility for any material left behind. Any left-behind materials will be removed at the Renter's expense.

Set Painting

No major set painting is allowed on stage. Drop cloths must be used for minor touch-ups.

Stage Floor

Occupational safety, health, and fire regulations must be observed at all times. The stage floor must be kept free of debris. Any special treatments of the stage floor or auditorium-owned floor coverings will be undertaken by the auditorium staff. Renters shall not apply any substances to the stage floor. Overtime charges plus expenses will be billed to the Renter for any additional maintenance required.


Nailing, lagging, or screwing into the stage floor is prohibited.

Spike Marks

The Renter is responsible for removing all spike marks on the stage floor at the conclusion of the event. Spike marks should be made with chalk or a low-residue tape, such as spike tape or electrical tape, and removed by the Renter during strike. Paints, tacked markers, and high-residue tapes such as duct tape or masking tape may not be used on the floor. Such usage will result in removal/restoration costs billed to the Renter.

Curtains and Soft Goods

Nothing may be pinned, stapled, sewn, taped or otherwise attached to curtains and soft goods owned by the University.


For events requiring a piano supplied by Kenan Auditorium, a University piano technician will tune prior to dress rehearsal. Any additional tunings, regulations, voicing, or touch-up tunings will be billed to the Renter.

Prop Storage

Kenan Auditorium does not have storage facilities available for properties and set pieces. All portable equipment, valuable set pieces, props, costumes, and make-up must be secured after each rehearsal or performance. Equipment may not be left on the stage, in the house, in the lobby, or adjacent offices. Costs incurred to remove such materials and equipment will be billed to the Renter.

Special Effects

The Renter must confirm all sets, lighting designs, and audio designs as soon as they are available for each production, a minimum of two weeks prior to the first usage. Fog and haze machines must use a water-based fluid and be approved a minimum of two weeks prior to the first usage. Any special effect involving potential risk to participants or to facilities must be approved, in writing, by Director fo Artistic Operations before first use in rehearsal.


The use of any pyrotechnical equipment, including but not limited to fireworks, firecrackers, flash pots, and similar pyrotechnic devices or systems, is prohibited. The unauthorized use of pyrotechnics is grounds for event termination.


The rigging of flying scenery must comply with the University theatrical rigging standards. All rigging and the operation of the fly system must be performed by a rigger certified by the University Safety Office. Only certified personnel are allowed on the pin rail floor, loading floor, and grid. Violation by the Renter or Renter's cast, crew, or organizational members is cause for event termination.

Lobby & House

The Auditorium House Manager is responsible for activities in the lobby and house. This includes the enforcement of prohibitions against smoking, the use of prohibited recording devices and cameras, and disruptive behavior. In addition, the House Manager is charged with restricting access to the house to ticket holders and authorized event staff and house personnel. It is the Renter's responsibility to inform participants of all prohibitions prior to arrival at Kenan Auditorium.

Security Services & Parking

Any use of Kenan Auditorium is subject to security evaluation and review by the University Police. Security guards and police officers will be assigned to all public events as determined by the Campus Police, a State of North Carolina Law Enforcement Agency. 

Parking Services are evaluated by UNCW Auxiliary Services. Parking attendants will be assigned to an event if deemed necessary. 


No weapons are permitted on UNCW property. It is unlawful for any person to possess any of the following items on UNCW property:

  1. Dynamite cartridge, bomb, grenade, mine, fireworks or powerful explosive.
  2. Any gun, rifle, pistol, or other firearms (whether unloaded or not).
  3. Any BB gun, air rifle, air pistol, stun gun.
  4. Bowie knife, dirk, dagger, switchblade knife.
  5. Razors and razor blades (except solely for shaving).
  6. Any sharp-pointed or edged instrument.
  7. Slingshot, leaded cane, blackjack.
  8. Metallic knuckles.
  9. Other deadly weapons.

The possession of a handgun by a person who has a concealed handgun permit is valid under Chapter 14 Article 54B of the N.C.G.S., or is exempt from obtaining a permit according to that Article, as long as the handgun remains and is properly contained in the person’s locked vehicle or a locked container securely affixed to the person’s vehicle. Authorized possession includes unlocking, entering and exiting the vehicle as necessary to properly contain the handgun for storage, conceal the handgun on the person or allow a passenger to enter the vehicle, as more specifically provided in N.C.G.S. 14-269.2(k).


All rehearsals and performances are "closed events" in Kenan Auditorium. Only Renter's staff and authorized personnel may be admitted. Any other entry is deemed trespassing and the staff is authorized to take the appropriate actions.

User Access

Kenan Auditorium requests that the Renter's organizational members enter the building through the loading doors at the rear of the building. The Renter may access the building at the specific time indicated on the contract. Example: "Client Load-In/arrival: 6:00pm." Early arrival may result in a noncompliance fee.

Seating Capacity

Orchestra (first level) seating capacity is 728, including 11 removable seats for wheelchair patrons, and 10 ADA approved slide in seats. Balcony seating capacity is 286. There are no wheelchair-accessible seats and no ADA approved slide in seats in the balcony. There are no circumstances under which the occupancy may exceed available seats. The Renter may not allow the placing of additional chairs on the stage or in the aisles. "Standing Room" is not permitted.

House Staff

For every event in Kenan Auditorium, the House Manager, in cooperation with the Renter and Director of Artistic Operations, will determine the number of ushers, ticket takers and front of house personnel required for the event. Volunteer ushers are available for most events. In the event that volunteer ushers are used, Renter agrees to provide admission to the event at no charge to the ushers. If, as determined by the House Manager, an adequate number of volunteer ushers will not be available for the event, the House Manager will hire ushers. The Renter will not be expected to make seating available for paid ushers.

ADA Compliance

UNCW Kenan Auditorium is a place of public accommodation and is accessible to disabled persons and in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  UNCW Kenan Auditorium is responsible for permanent building accommodations such as, but not limited to, wheelchair ramps, door width standards, assistive listening devices, and restroom accessibility.

The Customer is responsible for non-permanent accessibility requirements such as, but not limited to, auxiliary aids for visually impaired, hearing impaired and mobility impaired such as interpolators and captioning.  The Customer shall be responsible for any actual and reasonable costs associated or required by UNCW Kenan Auditorium to meet the requirements for non-permanent accessibility requirements.

The Customer will further ensure that registration tables, structures, exhibits, displays, and other temporary improvements made or placed by the Customer within the premises and that Customers activities and programs in connection with the lease of the premises shall comply with all applicable standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act and are accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities.

In the event the Customer or any of its contractors, agents, invitees, or other persons on the premises cause the premises to be out of compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, UNCW Kenan Auditorium shall immediately remove the cause and return the premises to compliance, without notice to Customer.  No additional charges shall be made by the UNCW Kenan Auditorium or the Customer to any persons or patrons requiring such disability aids or services.  

UNCW Kenan Auditorium reserves the right to set aside from initial ticket sales, the number of accessible seats as outlined in the approved ticket manifest.  Such seats shall be located in various seating areas of the premises with such sections being determined by UNCW Kenan Auditorium.  If the accessible seating tickets are not sold before a sell-out of the event, all unsold accessible seats may be released at the discretion of UNCW Kenan Auditorium for sale to the general public.


Failure or refusal to comply with UNCW Kenan Auditorium policies will result in a fine imposed at Director of Artistic Operations' discretion.

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