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Kenan Auditorium - Ticketing Services 

All events held in the Kenan Auditorium are required to be ticketed events. The Kenan Auditorium Ticket Office provides tickets and/or ticket sales for all events held in the building, as well as for other events at other venues where ticketed admission is desired.

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Ticket Office Hours

Ticket Office hours are from noon until 4 pm Monday through Friday. The Ticket Office is not open on weekends and holidays except when there are performances on those days. On performance days, the Ticket Office opens one hour before the house opens.

Ticket Purchases

Patrons and guests can purchase tickets in person, by telephone (910.962.3500 or 800.732.3643), online, by FAX, (910.962.7008) or through mail order (Kenan Auditorium Ticket Office, 601 South College Road, Wilmington, NC 28403-5966). The Ticket Office accepts cash, personal checks made out to UNCW, MasterCard and Visa. Renters are responsible for MasterCard and Visa processing fees currently 2.8%.

Commission/Administrative Fees

The University charges a commission/administrative fee ticket sold. This includes sales commission, ticket stock, printing costs, and administrative costs.
  • External non-profit organization -$2.00/ticket sold
  • External for-profit organization -$2.50/ticket sold
  • UNCW organizations - $1.50/ticket sold

Sales Tax

Per North Carolina Department of Revenue and State of North Carolina statute, Kenan Auditorium will apply the mandated 7% sales tax to each ticket sold from the Auditorium ticket office (state sales tax of 4.75%; New Hanover County sales tax of 2.25%).

Online Fee

Tickets purchased online are subject to an online convenience fee paid by each patron. This fee scales depending upon the face value of a ticket and is taxable.

Online Fee Table
Ticket Face Value Online Fee
$0.00 to $9.99 $2.00/per ticket
$10.00 to $19.99 $4.00/per ticket
$20.00 + $6.00/per ticket

Facility Fee

Effective July 1, 2020, all tickets purchased online, by phone, or in-person are subject to a new Facility Fee that is equal to 11-percent of the face value of each ticket purchased. This Facility Fee will help offset the increasing operating costs of ticketing and processing systems, physical equipment, and event staff utilized by the Office of the Arts. UNCW student tickets will be exempt from this facility fee due to the cultural arts fees that are paid as a part of their tuition. Please see the Facility Use Guide for a breakdown of how this fee can be implemented.

Ticket Packaging Options

Ticket packaging options are available, including multiple price options, discounts for certain age groups (such as senior citizens or students) or associations, group/bulk sales, and so forth. As the packaging options offer varying degrees of support, service, and cost, the Renter is expected to contact the Patron Services Manager (Abigail Beck, 910-962-3931 or via email) to determine the ticketing option most suitable for a specific event. The final decision on all ticketing options will be made by the Operations Director.

Refunds & Exchanges

All sales are final. Kenan Auditorium has a "No Exchanges/No Refunds" policy. Requests for refunds will be forwarded to the Renter/Renting organization. In the event of a cancellation, the Renter/Renting Organization will be responsible for all refunds.

Records & Ticketing Reports

Records and reports will be provided by the Box Office Manager for each performance. For no additional fee, one copy of the patron mailing list can be provided if requested. Please contact the Ticket Office Manager for the availability and pricing of additional copies or additional reports.


Receipts for cash, credit card and check sales are deposited at the end of each business day into a University Trust Fund. A University check will be issued within thirty (30) days of the last performance in the amount of gross sales, less expenses, based on the Ticket Office final report for ticket sales. Early or partial payouts are prohibited by the University.