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Which Charlotte's Web Character Are You? 

Tuesday, January 22, 2020

Are you loveable and endearing? Resourceful and resilient? Adventurous and impulsive? Inventive and wise?

On March 14th at 2:00 PM Kenan Auditorium will host TheaterWorksUSA as they perform the classic story of Charlotte’s Web. Anticipating the arrival of Wilbur, Templeton, Fern, and Charlotte herself, we’ve devised a personality quiz so you can find out which Charlotte’s Web character you most resemble! Take the Quiz below, and then scroll down to read your results!


You are most like the loveable, trusting, and compassionate Wilbur! Wilbur is pure, innocent, and endearing to everyone he meets. With his consistently good intentions and striking vulnerability, he inspires those around him to nurture and protect him. While he may not perform best in high-pressure situations, what he lacks in creative solutions he makes up for in devotion to those he loves. Wilbur is comfortable in the spotlight, where it is easiest for him to nurture his many friendships!


You are most like the selfless and inventive Charlotte. Charlotte, perched high and invisible in the barn, is excellent at giving advice, finding solutions, and helping others to process their situations. She leads by example, knowing when to invest in creative solutions and when to accept the inevitabilities of life. Not easily fooled, Charlotte is not inherently trusting and is a careful judge of character. This highly intelligent spider is more comfortable working behind the scenes to highlight the strengths of those she loves.


You are most like the spontaneous and adventurous Fern. Fern can easily step into the role of “champion of the underdog,” though she won’t necessarily stick around or follow up. Sweet and loving by nature, Fern can be devoted to a cause one day and gone the next. However flaky she might seem, she is the kind of character that plays a pivotal role in the lives of others, spontaneously intervening to change the course of events and then disappearing on to the next adventure.


You are most like the cunning and resourceful Templeton. Templeton doesn't care how he comes across to others, as long as he is able to accomplish his goals. Rather, Templeton uses his “tough guy” image to his advantage; no one is foolish enough to think they can take advantage of him. This resourceful rat thrives in every situation, quickly mapping out his surroundings. He can be a most valuable ally, but for a price.

We hope you'll join us in welcoming TheaterWorksUSA to Wilmington! Come indulge in a modern depiction of a timeless tale, and then head to Boombalatti's for our new limited-edition ice cream flavor, Wilbur's Haystack!

- Cara Marsicano