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Jazzmeia Horn Brings Jazz to Wilmington

Thursday, October 28, 2019

Like the formation of a gemstone, Jazz came to be under immense pressure. From beneath the oppression and trauma faced by early American slaves, this musical phenomenon emerged.


The soul of Jazz is African in origin. It was brought to this country by those who were kidnapped and sold into the slave trade. In spite of the demoralizing trauma they underwent, enslaved African people maintained a connection to their homelands and cultures through music. Tribal and percussive in nature, the songs of early slaves were Jazzmeia1.jpgforbidden by slaveowners. Like the humans from which it sprang fourth, the music of Africa was resilient. As it continued to emerge, it blended and fused with the music of a new (if oppressive) culture and It evolved alongside African American slaves as they learned new songs. Jazz is political, cultural, and spiritual in nature; It has been since its conception.

Named for the genre that she would later have a hand in shaping, Jazzmeia Horn performs as an award-winning Jazz vocalist, who uses her music as platform to speak out. In an interview with writer R. J. DeLuke, Horn says:

"What are the social injustices we are facing today as a people? Not just black people. Any people that are facing different trials and tribulations. How do we sustain ourselves in society with those things? Can we talk about them? How can we move forward? What actions can be put into place to hinder people from being discriminated against?"

 Jazzmeia2.jpgOn Sunday, November 3rd at 3:00 PM in Kenan Auditorium, the Office of the Arts Welcomes Jazzmeia Horn as a part of the UNCW Presents series. Tickets are $5 for UNCW students, and range between $20 and $50 dollars for the general public. They are available for purchase online, at the ticket desk in Kenan Auditorium, or by calling (910) 962-3500.

Click the links below to preview the award-winning music of Jazzmeia Horn!

-Cara Marsicano