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Wilmington Kids: Our Top 5 Magic School Bus Episodes

Monday, March 4, 2019

UNCW Presents will welcome TheatreWorks USA's Magic School Bus to Kenan Auditorium—the perfect show for Wilmington kids and adults alike! 

Late 90s kids and parents will remember hopping aboard a bright yellow, shape-shifting bus with Ms. Frizzle, class mascot Liz the lizard, and a class of imaginative youngsters. TheaterWorks USA has transformed the iconic Scholastic books and TV show into a lively musical. In this adaptation, the class gets lost on the way to the planetarium, and Ms. Frizzle saves the day by blasting into outer space for an epic inter-planetary field trip!

To get ready for this adventure, we’ve compiled our favorite Magic School Bus episodes. Click on the episode titles to ride the nostalgia bus and watch our favorite episodes for yourself in preparation for TheaterWorks USA’s performance in Kenan Auditorium March 9th!

Inside Ralphie 
When Ralphie must take a sick day and stay home from school, Ms. Frizzle does what any outstanding science teacher would—she makes a housecall, with the rest of class in tow. To learn more about how the human body fights off sickness, the Magic School Bus transforms into a tiny helicopter and enters Ralphie’s body through a knee scrape. The class travels through Ralphie’s bloodstream, observing and learning about his blood cells along the way—even getting chased by one of Ralphie’s protective white blood cells.  

The Busasaurus 
In this iconic episode, Ms. Frizzle and the class get transported back in time to the late Cretaceous Period—67 million years, “give or take a month or two.” The Bus becomes a magical Triceratops (to blend in, of course), and the class rides around learning about dinosaurs like the Ornithomimus and the Edmontosaur. They even manage to escape a vicious T-Rex attack! 

In a Pickle 
Sprung from the ongoing rivalry between Keesha and Ralphie, “In a Pickle” starts when Keesha sees her prized cucumber has changed into a pickle. Who else is there to blame but Ralphie? Using the power of science, Ms. Frizzle shrinks the class and turns the Bus into a chunky pickle blimp to teach the class about the pickling and brining process.  

In the Rainforest 
For Earth Day, the class rents a cocoa tree as a present for Ms. Frizzle. When the tree produces less cocoa beans than they hoped, the class travels all the way to the Amazon Rainforest to pay a visit to the tree.  Surrounded by the dense variety of rainforest species, Ms. Frizzle teaches the students all about the mysteries and complexities that keep the rainforest alive and healthy. This episode takes several twists  and turns as we learn about the mysterious Inspector 47,  but we love it because it provides an overall lesson in conservation that is just as important today as when the episode first aired in 1996. 

Blows Its Top 
In “Blows Its Top,” the class works together to build a model globe, only to find that there’s a piece missing. Ms. Frizzle bursts out of a model volcano and tells the class that the missing piece is for an island, “so new, it hasn’t even been discovered yet.” The class takes a field trip to discover this new island, learning about tectonic plates and how the earth is constantly shifting and changing under our very feet along the way. The Bus turns into a plane, a seaplane, a submarine, and eventually wedges its way between two pieces of Earth’s crust in the heart of an underwater volcano. The volcano eventually erupts and spits the class out on a newly formed island, that the class dubs “Lizard Island.” 

The adventures of Ms. Frizzle’s science class are always entertaining, inspiring, and educational. By turning science class into adventure, Ms. Frizzle taught a generation of kids how to love and appreciate the wonders of the world, and TheaterWorks USA is continuing this mission by bringing her iconic science adventures to audiences around the nation. Join us for a Magic School Bus inter-planetary adventure in Kenan Auditorium March 9th at 2 p.m. Tickets available online or at the UNCW Arts Ticket Office Monday-Friday 12 p.m.-4 p.m. 


-Lindsay Lake