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Wilmington Music: The Roots of Zoe & Cloyd

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Long-time veterans of the Asheville music scene, Zoe & Cloyd will be performing at Kenan Auditorium for Homegrown Holiday on December 8th! This performance will feature original music from Zoe & Cloyd as well as homegrown renditions of holiday favorites. Get a taste of Wilmington music with Wilmington’s own indie folk pop band, Stray Local, who will also perform at Kenan Auditorium for Homegrown Holiday.

Zoe & Cloyd released their second full-length album, Eyes Brand New, in Spring 2017. Like their first album, Eyes Brand New features a delightful harmony between John (Cloyd)’s award-winning songwriting, instrumental prowess and haunting mountain voice, and Natalya (Zoe)’s inspired styles of fiddling, singing and songwriting.  

To further uncover the roots of Zoe & Cloyd, I asked John a few questions in anticipation of the show:  

I’m sure you get this question a lot, but how did you and Zoe meet? How did that lead to you both playing music together? 
We met through the music scene in Asheville around 2005.  Natalya (Zoe) joined the bluegrass band I was in at the time, Lo-Fi Breakdown, when our fiddle player left.  In early 2009 we started a project, Red June with our friend Will Straughan and performed with that band almost exclusively until 2014.  Later that year, Red June decided to go on indefinite hiatus.  We released our first recording as Zoe & Cloyd (our middle names) in 2015 after the birth of our daughter.  

How has Asheville and the Asheville music community impacted you as musicians? What makes the Asheville music scene so special and what have you learned from it? 
The Asheville scene is incredibly vibrant and eclectic.  There are scores of very skilled musicians here, which is really unique for a town of this size.  As bluegrass/roots/Americana musicians and songwriters, we have always had people to jam and collaborate with here which is wonderful.  It's always been a supportive community and the saturation and thus the competition for attention pushes artists to do their best work.   
Experience the magic of North Carolina music with Zoe & Cloyd and Stray Local at Homegrown Holiday, December 8thTickets are available online, with special prices for UNCW students, faculty and staff at the UNCW Arts Ticket Office. Check out our full schedule of UNCW Presents events for more Wilmington concerts. 

-Lindsay Lake