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Art and Art History
Art and Art History
Art and Art History
Art and Art History
Art and Art History

Trip to Cameron Art Museum to view teamLab digital art installation: A Time When Art is Everywhere, and student work from ART/CSC/FST 320 animation class

Thursday, November 15th from 4 – 6:30 p.m.
Cameron Art Museum

TeamLab at the Cameron Art MuseumAbout the Event 

You have been chosen as an studio art of digital arts student to participate in special event featuring the unveiling of Gene Felice's animation class project using Japanese prints featured in Cameron Art Museum's galleries. In addition, you will receive free admission to three digital art installations by the international art collaborative teamLab. This is the first time this work has been exhibited in North Carolina.

teamLab is a dynamic collaborative of over 500 artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians and architects. They aim to explore new relationships between humans and nature, and between oneself and the world through art. Digital technologies have allowed us to liberate art from the physical and transcend boundaries. We do not see any separation between humans and nature and between oneself and the world: the two form a whole. Everything takes place in the long, fragile yet miraculous, borderless continuity of life. At the frontiers of art, science and technology, each of the three installations in A Time When Art is Everywhere is a journey in itself: playful, poetic and hypnotic, transporting the visitor to an enchanted and colorful world.

Event Details

Pease be sure to arrive as close to 4 pm as you can to see the presentation of UNCW's ART/CSC/FST animation class in the museum's galleries. The students and instructor will explain their project and present the animations. 

Cameron Art Museum director and staff will then give a short presentation about the installations and will you be invited to interact with the installations.

The event is being made possible with a UNCW Applied Learning Recovery Grant and part of the requirement of participation is writing a 500-600 word reflection of your experience. You will be required to briefly answer the following questions:


1. Explain the purpose of this project, and be sure to address the following questions:
The purpose of this project is to expose art students to digital art created by internationally renowned professional artists and technologists as a way to 

a. What do you hope to learn, or what skills do you hope to gain, through this project?

b. How does this project connect to your coursework and the goals of this course?

2. Describe the impact(s) you believe this project might have. Be sure to consider:

a. The Impact the project will have on you, your academic development, and your own learning.

b. The discipline as a whole.

c. Any impact on the community or those outside of the University.

Final Reflection – Students should complete this reflection at the conclusion of the applied learning activities related to your Recovery Grant.

1. Provide examples of how you were able to apply the knowledge you gained through this course to the problems and challenges you faced in this course.

2. Consider your expectations for this project and explain how those expectations differed from the experience you had during this semester.

3. Explain the impact this project has had, and be sure to address the following questions:

a. The Impact the project has had on you, your academic development, and your own learning. How will you use this knowledge and experience in the future?

b. What impact do you feel this project might have on the discipline as a whole?

c. What impact, if any, has this project had on the community, the Wilmington area, or other areas outside of UNCW?