Art and Art History

Internship Information
(Guidelines for ARH 498 and ART 498)

General Requirements

The student intern program is designed to provide Studio Art & Art History majors with practical experience in fields related to the study and production of visual art. Student interns work under the supervision of professionals and are exposed to as many facets of the working environment as possible during the duration of the internship. The student should seek internships that blend academic training with practical experience. All internships are governed by the "Policy for Internship Courses: ART 498" established by the College of Arts & Sciences. For more information from the UNCW Career Center, check out their Internship Information page.

•Students should be juniors or seniors with a GPA of at least 3.00 within the major to qualify to register for an internship. 

• Internships require prior approval of the faculty supervisor and the internship agency (or individual). There must be an informal interview with the agency and the student before paperwork is completed online. Here is a link to the Internship Agency Form to be completed online by the faculty advisor. 

• All internship agencies or individuals (artists) must be approved agencies in the Department of Art and Art History. If you wish to be considered for approval. Here is a link to the Permission to Enroll in an Intership Form to be completed online by the faculty advisor.

• A resume must also be submitted by all agency supervisors. Please submit a resume from the agency supervisor to Sue Tatum (tatums@uncw.ed) or supply a link to the resume to the faculty advisor.

• Pam Toll ( is the Art & Art History department's internship coordinator. Internships may only be supervised by full-time, permanent faculty. Students are expected to initiate bi-weekly meetings with their faculty supervisor.

• The general rule of thumb is for every credit hour granted, the student should complete forty hours of work at the internship. Thus, a 3-credit internship requires approximately 124 hours of work during the semester. Internships may be done for either 3 or 6 credit hours, with 3 credits typical. Students may receive a total of 6 hours of academic credit.

Requirements for Academic Credit

• The student must be formally evaluated by the internship agency supervisior at the end of the internship. This evaluation is coordinated by the faculty supervisor and the agnecy supervisor.

• The student must maintain a daily log of activities and responsibilities of the internship. Entries in the log should be a thoughtful presentation of their work rather than a simple list of tasks completed. The student should submit their log to the faculty adviser at regular intervals during the semester of the internship.

* The student will complete an 8-10 page final paper comprising a detailed discussion of the internship experience and the contribution the experience has made toward their educational goals. The summative paper should also include written and visual evidence of work or projects completed by the student during the course of the internship. The paper must be presented for evaluation by the faculty adviser, along with all activity logs, on or before the first day of final exams in the semester of the internship.

Student Responsibilities

•The student is responsible for reading the Student Internship Guide published by the Office of Career Services (1,300k PDF file) and should understand that these standards also serve as a general syllabus of student requirements and assignments.

•The student is responsible for approaching the Internship Coordinator with a brief written proposal outlining the nature of the proposed internship and its intended goals.

•The student must arrange a preliminary interview with the agency (or individual) at a mutually convenient time (contact information will be given by the Internship Coordinator).

•If the interview is positive and the internship is to proceed, the student must complete a "Permission to Enroll/Internship Course Form," in consultation with the agency (or individual) and the faculty supervisor. The form is linked above under General Requirements.

•The student must also procure the signature of the agency supervisor on the enrollment form, and make certain that the faculty supervisor (or Internship Coordinator) and department chair have signed the form before it is submitted to the dean for final approval.

•All paperwork, signatures, and registration procedures should be completed before the beginning of the semester in which the internship is to take place. Ideally, the student has completed all of this business no later than the pre-registration period of the preceding semester.

Internship Agency Information

The Office of Career Services employs Handshake to better target internships based on major, degree type, and interests. You can post jobs & internship opportunities, register for recruitment events, schedule on-campus interviews and more! Create your user account and company page using the links below:

To create your account or login, visit and follow these helpful links below!

How to Create a User Account and Company Page

How to Post a Job or Internship

How to Register for a Fair or Event

Helpful Tips:

  • Please allow at least 72 hours for your Company Account to be approved. Once your account is approved, you can begin posting jobs, registering for events, and more!
  • Login to your account at with the username and password you created.
  • Contact our Job & Internship Specialist at 910-962-3174 with any questions.

Internship Supervisor Responsibilities

For a comprehensive overview of supervisor responsibilities, view the UNCW Career Center Internship Guidelines (548K PDF document). The guide has been developed by the UNCW Career Center to respond to common questions from organizations about internships involving UNCW students. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

• Internship agency supervisors are required by the Art & Art History Department to evaluate the student intern's performance at the end of the internship in order for the intern to receive academic credit. Click here to access the Internship Performance Appraisal form. Fax this completed form to the attention of Pam Toll, dept. internship coordinator. The FAX number is 910 962-7106.

International Internships

UNCW's Office of International Programs has several organizations that they partner with in order to provide quality internship/service learning placements abroad for UNCW students. 

The OIP has lots of independent credit-bearing placements and are happy to introduce students to the application process. Students who participate in this kind of international service learning/internship program can apply for scholarships, use their financial aid and have access to all of the UNCW OIP resources (like orientation, insurance…etc.). Click here to access UNCW OIP's intership information page.