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Billy-Gray Weatherly

Billy-Gray Weather, "Bullseye"

Vinyl records
Billy-Gray Weatherly, "Anikawi"

Vinyl records
Billy-Gray Weatherly
Billy-Gray Weatherly




What is your preferred medium?
Sculpture, Ceramics, Photography.

Why sculpture?
I enjoy the different options as far as making things out of metal, yarn, records, you can use any material and go with it in 3-D work.

Can you discuss the evolution in your work?
I go through phases, I’ll do sculpture, and put my energy into it, then move onto photography or ceramics and I draw as well.

What is your process, or starting point?
I get my ideas and normally sketch the idea out and pick a starting point and go. I do a lot of framework in my pieces, I start with a frame, metal base or other.

Why animals?
I’m comparing where and what I grew up around and places that I want to go and see. I grew up in a small rural town 40 miles from Wilmington called Kelly, it was tiny. My father is a taxidermist, I draw off of that. My father is also a farmer and my grandmother a gardener, I’m working with plant forms as well. I recently travelled to Sweden and loved it and I love northern Europe and I want to travel more there. The salmon and moose themes are related to that area and I have a grandmother who lived in Alaska for a great deal of her life, somewhere I’ve always wanted to go and explore.  

How did you know you wanted to do art full time?
I never did art before college, I took an art class and it felt like that was where I should put my time and energy and I went with it.