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Jake Bebout

Jake Bebout, "Marriage"

Oil on canvas
Jake Bebout, "Organ Donor"

Organ Donor
Oil on canvas
Jake Bebout, "Two Faced"
Two Faced
Graphite on bristol board

Jake BeboutJake Bebout




What themes did you work on for this exhibition?
The paintings and drawings tell a story that summarizes the last eight years of my life. A reflection of my transition from the Marine Corps to UNCW, getting married and also having a child during my first semester here.

What is your process?
I was a film major, and only started drawing in 2017. To decide what I’m going to draw, I go through pictures, and think about the theme or topic I want to work on. I used to do photography as a film major and this has had an influence on me, I like monochromatic work. The paintings are blind contours, something I had never done, I wasn’t looking at anything for these compared with the drawings, and tried to break out of my comfort zone.

Plans after graduation?
I started apprenticing doing tattoo art last fall and I’m looking to go into this full time and hopefully open a tattoo shop.