Art and Art History

We Welcome Your Support!

The Department of Art and Art History is always appreciative of those generous acts of kindness that come from alumni and our friends in the community. Gifts to the department help in so many different ways that aid students and faculty alike.
Donations help supply equipment for classrooms and exhibitions. They also help the department bring in visiting artists and scholars to enrich the artistic community. Your donations are an important source of funding for scholarships and extracurricular artistic and scholarly development of UNCW students.

We hope you will join us in support of the UNCW Department of Art and Art History. Your generosity ensures a dynamic and colorful celebration, appreciation, and creation of art and the study of its place in human history.

For more information on how you can help support the department of Art & Art History, download the Art & Art History Gift Form (59K PDF), and/or contact: Aaron Wilcox, Chair, Department of Art & Art History (910) 962-2922 or Eddie Stuart, Vice Chancellor of University Advancement/Development, 910-962-3626.