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Who is my advisor and how do I contact him/her?

If you are a new freshman you can check your degree audit on your student SEANET account to learn who your academic advisor is, as well as her or his location and contact information. You are strongly encouraged to make an appointment right away to get to know your advisor. To schedule this appointment, you may call the University College at 910-962-3245, or e-mail them at with other questions.

How will I know when to meet with my advisor?

You should meet with your advisor to get acquainted, and you are encouraged to meet with him/her whenever you have concerns about your academic progress or adjustment to university life. Your advisor can help you resolve your difficulties and may refer you to additional resources on campus. You will meet with your advisor at least twice per year at pre-registration. If you are still a Freshman or undeclared Sophomore, the University College will send you a reminder to sign up for pre-registration advising. After you declare a major your new department will probably notify you to sign up for pre-registration advising, but it never hurts to check in with your advisor at the beginning of pre-registration.