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Aaron Wilcox- Chair/Professor

Aaron WilcoxOffice:
CA 1048

(910) 962-2922

(910) 962-7106


M.F.A. Cranbrook Academy of Art

M.A. University of North Carolina Greensboro

B.A. University of North Carolina Greensboro


Direct Response criticism and the art of use
Gauging value outside the market
Studio pedagogy

Fundamentally, Aaron Wilcox is more interested in becoming than being. Actions are ripe with promise. Where can this lead? What questions does this raise?

This approach applies to studio practice and pedagogy equally. In his own studio, the work is residue; what is left after active practice. In the classroom studio, that same practice creates potential. As students work with clay for the first time, that energy and frustration is a foundation. It generates momentum towards seemingly limitless possibilities. Along these lines, Mr. Wilcox spends significant time considering the space between idea and product. In translation, something magical happens, something unexpected. And it is here that all studio practice begins anew.

Mr. Wilcox has recently completed two projects where he gave away large numbers of pots and asked for responses. Both the process and responses were enlightening.