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Dr. Nicholas Hudson - Associate Professor

Dr. Nicholas HudsonOffice:
CA 2034

(910) 962-7960

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Ph.D. Ancient and Medieval Art and Archaeology ,University of Minnesota

M.A. Interdisciplinary Archaeological Studies, University of Minnesota

Roman and Late Antique East
Food and Dining in the Roman World
Ceramics and Archeology


Dr. Hudson's personal webpage

I am an archaeologist who specializes in the Roman and Late Antique Mediterranean (ca 100 BC - AD 650). My interests include social change and the transformation of the Classical World (civilizations of Ancient Greece and Rome - ca 500 BC - AD 250) into the post-Classical World (ca AD 300-650). I am especially interested in the processes of daily life. Much of my research has focused specifically on pottery. Why pottery? Pottery was a ubiquitous item in the ancient world (used for food storage, transportation of goods such as olive oil and wine, cooking, serving, and eating among other things), and can inform us of a wide range of daily activities. Through archaeological excavation and the study of pottery we can learn about the habits, activities and concerns of everyday people. Understanding the daily lives of ancient people helps us to better interpret the uses and meaning of ancient art.