Aquaculture Program

Pilot Commercial Scale Hatchery/Nursery System

A reliable, cost-effective source of juvenile fish (fingerlings) is needed to support growout operations. Under support by the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, a pilot commercial scale marine fish hatchery/nursery was established at UNCW that supplies fingerlings to start-up commercial operations and serves as a basis for developing economic models of marine finfish fingerling production based on engineering and biological data from the operation of the pilot facility. The nursery system consists of three rows of insulated nursery tanks (NTs); one row of four 950-L (small) NTs, one row of six 2,100-L (medium) NTs, and one row of four 4,980-L (large) NTs. The nursery facility has a total volume of 36,320-L, sufficient to raise approximately 70,000 black sea bass to the 1- to 5-g advanced fingerling stage.

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