Aquaculture Program

Recirculating Growout Systems

Recirculating tank systems are utilized for studies on growout of various marine finfish species, since these systems conserve space and water and permit a high degree of environmental control.Two systems are currently in operation:

Intermediate-Scale Growout

Twelve 2.7-m3 tank system used for growth studies with hatchery-reared juvenile marine finfish, including dietary protein, lipid, and energy: protein requirements for optimal growth and feed utilization efficiency.

Near-Commerical Scale Growout

Four 16.7-m3 tank system, currently being used to study production and economics of southern flounder, black sea bass and red porgy. This near-commercial scale system incorporates state-of-the-art filtration technologies developed and tested by NCSU aquaculture engineer, Dr. Thomas Losordo. The system was built by UNCW Research Associate Patrick Carroll.

System Components:

  • 4.6-m diameter Insulated Fiberglass Tanks
  • Aqua Optima Double Drains and Sludge collectors
  • Jacuzzi Piranha 4.5 hp Pumps
  • P.R.A Rotofilter Drum Screen Filters
  • Aqualogic 4 hp Heat Pumps
  • Polystyrene Bead Trickling and Kaldness Moving Bed Biofilters
  • Fiberglass Oxygen Cones
  • RK2 Protein Fractionators
  • UV Sterilizers