Aquaculture Program

Image of juvenile black sea bass feeding.
Image of Doctor Alam presenting research.
Image of juvenile bass in wet lab.
Image of adult black sea bass in tank.
Image of outdoor aquaculture tanks.
Wide shot of aquaculture facility.


  • About: Get an overarching view of the Aquaculture program’s work, including research, a multidisciplinary approach, education, and community outreach and technology transfer.
  • The Facility: Explore every fascinating facet of our Harbor Island facility, from our commercial scale hatchery system to our feeds preparation lab, from our recirculating grow-out systems to our seawater system.
  • Current Research: Learn about our current research areas—controlled breeding, larval culture, juvenile grow-out in recirculating aquaculture systems, effluent management, and economics and marketing.
  • The People: Learn about the faculty, staff, graduate students, cooperating scientists and undergraduate interns who make our program successful.
  • News: Read about the program’s appearances in the news and about Aquaculture’s own presentations and publications.
  • Support: See the various organizations and individuals that have supported and collaborated with us.
  • Contact: Find the location of our on-campus office, our facility, and our mailing address.