Applied Learning

Creative and Arts-Focused Learning

What is included as Creative or Arts-Focused Learning? 

Creative or Arts Focused applied learning includes a range of engagement with the arts that ranges from developing, consuming, performing, and exhibiting artistic or expressive pieces to teaching about artistic or expressive topics. Creative and arts focused approaches can be integrated into any curricular or co-curricular experience and can take many forms including visual, performance, and technical arts, among others. 

Creative and Arts Focused Experiences at UNCW 

Visit the Applied Learning Student Success Gallery to search for past examples of Creative and Arts Focused experiences at UNCW. 

  • JUST US: "Because It's Time" Curriculum
  • Hip-Hop ILM: Taking the Beat to the Classroom
  • Resonance presented by the UNCW Department of Music

Campus Resources for Creative and Arts-Focused Experiences