Applied Learning

Student presents findings at undergraduate research showcase.

Research and Discovery

At UNCW, we value learning that engages students directly in faculty-mentored scholarly activity, involving research projects and creative discovery. We know that hands-on experience is a critical component that helps students not only develop skills in their chosen majors, but also the confidence to explore a topic in depth. Students who engage in multiple semesters of research and discovery really become proficient. Employers and graduate school admissions committees comment that this engaged experience in the discipline sets the applicants for positions apart from the rest of the field. Students have an edge because they have shown that they want to solve problems, they want to ask questions, and they have the skills to accomplish their goals. Faculty say that mentoring undergraduate students in research and creative projects is often the most rewarding teaching that they do; they see the transformation of their students into junior colleagues. Whether it's in the lab, the ocean, the library, or the art studio, engaging in research and creative discovery challenges students to apply their knowledge to real-world problems.