Applied Learning


AL-Logo-transparent-01.pngAssessment has been a hallmark of applied learning at UNCW since it was designated as the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) for the university from 2013-2018. Known as ETEAL or Experiencing Transformative Education through Applied Learning, the QEP was framed by 3 goals: (1) to improve student learning in applied learning experiences through enriching the environment  that supports student learning, (2) to provide faculty and staff with information and resources about high-impact practices in applied learning pedagogy as appropriate to their disciplines and responsibilities, and (3) to promote the incorporation and implementation of high-impact practices of applied learning throughout UNCW. As indicated by findings included in the final report on the QEP linked here, ETEAL was successful at meeting—and exceeding—these goals and evolved into an initiative that frames the work of many units across campus. 

Following the expiration of the QEP, ETEAL was rebranded as the Office of Applied Learning. The new office sought to build upon prior successes, while also seeking to implement new approaches to assessment that would continue to advance applied learning across campus. A revised assessment model that included hiring an interdisciplinary team of fellows and graduate assistants was launched in summer 2019 and sought to advance several goals

  • Develop clear definitions of applied learning that can be used to revise RFPs and frame assessment data collection, analysis, and reporting; 
  • Identify categories to clarify the types of applied learning in practice at UNCW; 
  • Support applied learning instructors and project leaders in designing and carrying out applied learning assessment plans; 
  • Engage in reporting and dissemination about our assessment work to tell the story of applied learning at UNCW and to contribute to scholarship in the field. 

New in assessment: The Power of Applied Learning: A Report on the Qualitative Analysis of Applied Learning Student Reflections from 2013-2019