2016 Field School banquet

Anthropology Brown Bag Brunch Series

Starting in Fall 2017, the Anthropology department would like to celebrate the active research agendas of Anthropologists and Anthropology-related faculty around UNCW.  The Brown Bag Brunch series is an informal event, meant primarily for students and faculty at UNCW, although any interested person is welcome.  The talks will be informal, over brunch or refreshments, and will give students and faculty and opportunity to chat about research ideas.

Dr. Elizabeth Penton talks about the Maya Use of Mercury

Red Queen of Palenque

Wednesday, November 15, 11 AM

Osprey Hall Applied Learning Space (Rm. 1018)

Join us for a chat about the Maya Use of Mercury, by Dr. Elizabeth Penton, who teaches both Anthropology and Art History courses at UNCW!  Dr. Penton's original research was in Paleolithic European rock art, but she has recently been developing a new area of research in the Maya and Mercury use.  Coffee and light refreshments will be served!