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Human and Biological Dimensions of Wildlife Conservation
Cameroon, West Africa

Summer I 2017
ANT 492-800, 6 credits
Dr. Carolyn Jost Robinson

Cameroon West Africa

If you want to travel abroad this summer, explore the wonders of tropical rain forests, and immerse yourself in a different culture, then consider enrolling in this study abroad program to Cameroon, West Africa.
Through direction interaction and complete immersion in Cameroon society, you will learn about the biological, social, and cultural aspects of wildlife conservation in the tropics.

  • Spend a week in one of the most bio-diverse rain forests in the world learning to survey and study plants, birds, primates and other highly endangered and rare animals.
  • Tour oil palm and tea plantations and learn about the impacts of industrial agriculture on the environment and people.
  • Following training in ethnographic research methods, you will engage farmers, hunters, teachers, and other local community members in conversations about livelihoods, health and disease, conservation, and socioeconomic development.
  • Volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary, home to many primates that were originally illegally taken from the forest.
  • Relax on black sand beaches along the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

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