Anthropology Emerging Scholar Lecture Series

In 2012-13, the UNCW Department of Anthropology was pleased to announce a new lecture series. Four emerging scholars in Anthropology visited UNCW and presented their ground-breaking research to the public, and members of the Anthropology club.

"An Archaeology of Distinction: Race, Memory, and Practice at a 19th Century Free African American Farmstead."

by Dr. John Roby, September 20, 2012

roby talk

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"The Archaeology of the Contemporary Past: Exavating a Nazi Forced Labor Camp at Tempelhof Airport, Berlin (1942-44)

Dr. Maria Starzmann, of the Universit├Ąt Berlin, Germany

November 26, 2012

Biology, Behavior and Environment: Experimental and Bioarchaeological Stable Isotpe Approaches to Diet and Disease

Dr. Laurie Reitsema, Diretor of the Bioarchaeology and Biochemistry Laboratory at the University of Georgia

March 21, 2013