UNW Anthropology: Phsyical

Physical and Biological Anthropology Concentration

Physical & Biological Anthropology is the study of the physical development of the human species. It involves such topics as genetics, human osteology, evolution, primatology, and forensics.


We have three full-time faculty members in this area: Dr. Midori Albert, Dr. Carolyn Jost Robinson, and Dr. Michaela Howells. All conduct ongoing research in their fields.


We offer individual research project supervision in the field of Physical & Biological Anthropology, with particular concentrations in the areas of human osteology, human variation, human reproduction, human biology, and primatology. Our faculty work in many regions around the world, including the Southeastern United States, Indonesia, American Samoa, Cameroon, and Central African Republic.

Anthropology students in lab

UNCW Anthropology students in lab