Campus Activities & Involvement Center



Begin your involvement journey by joining or starting a registered student organization. The Campus Activities & Involvement Center (CAIC) oversees more than 275+ student organizations that each promote a sense of belonging and get you involved with the UNCW and Wilmington community. What are you passionate about? 


As a student at UNCW, you have many opportunities to get involved but sometimes, you just do not know where to start! Tell CAIC about you by completing the Involvement Compass, and CAIC will craft a personal involvement report as a guide to connect you with student organizations, campus departments and more opportunities.

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Choose your own adventure and explore virtual tables designed by UNCW Student Organizations and Campus Departments straight from your mobile device or desktop! Follow social media, sign interest/recruitment forms, watch videos, and "text" them all week long. Learn more at the website, or RSVP on WaveLink to receive a personal reminder on event week! 
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