Campus Activities & Involvement Center

Meet The Student Staff 

Campus Activities & Involvement is supported strongly by the student staff inclusive of the CAIC Student Manager, Involvement Specialists, and various Office Assistants. 

CAIC Student Manager, Kelly Arnold, oversees the general operations of the office and provides direct supervision for the Involvement Specialists. She assists in scheduling, facilitating staff meetings, maintaining equipment, and the hiring/training process for incoming student staff. Kelly reports directly to the CAIC Assistant Director. Kelly has been with CAIC since 2018.

Involvement Specialists are peer educators trained to assist fellow student leaders in developing their leadership skills and knowing how to effectively run their student organizations. All of our Involvement Specialists provide guidance to students organizations through constitution review, marketing initiatives, and event planning processes. In addition, they support professional staff needs and SGA services (i.e., appropriations process, scheduling legal consultations, and managing resources in the office). 

CAIC Assistants specialize in specific areas lending key assistance to CAIC's day-to-day functions. 

  • Office Assistant: Assists in daily tasks such as management of inventory supplies, display case updates in the Fisher Student Center, storage room organization, and special projects. Our Office Assistant for 2020-2021 is Natalie Ziemba. 
  • Events Calendar Assistant: Responsible for creating the weekly CAIC events calendar distributed throughout campus and designing the weekly Hawk eNews. Our Calendar Assistant for 2020-2021 is Taylor Clarkin.
  • Posting Assistant: Ensures timely distribution of CAIC's publicity (print materials), and monitoring/maintaining campus-wide CAIC bulletin boards in most academic and administrative buildings. Our Posting Assistant for 2020-2021 is TBD.