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WaveLink: UNCW's Student Engagement System

WaveLink is your information hub to learn about UNCW's Registered Student Organizations and departments and to discover what events are happening. WaveLink offers a variety of opportunities to highlight events, showcase resources, and collaborate with others. CAIC is developing a variety of WaveLink video tutorials and examples to help you discover ways to get engaged. We encourage you to check out WaveLink to stay connected with the UNCW community. Click here to login to WaveLink with your UNCW email credentials.    

WaveLink Guide Overview

WaveLink 101: Introduction (All UNCW Students, Staff, & Faculty) - Learn about WaveLink and how it is used to engage students. Here, you will navigate the basics of the system, as well as features for the homepage, explore, account, and manage sections. 

WaveLink 201:  Managing Organizations (Officers & Advisors) - Discover all of the accessible features as you manage organizations. This section includes information about manage view and rosters, about sectionsevents, forms, elections, news and gallery features, tracking attendance, and more. 

Cheat Sheets: Managing Rosters, Creating Events, Tracking Attendance, Managing Forms

WaveLink 301: Admin Features (UNCW-Approved Administrators) - For access to admin sections of the guide, you must be an approved WaveLink administrator. Due to the confidential information that comes with this access, Campus Life must approve all administrators.

 As of Summer 2021, there are currently 330+ active organizations on WaveLink including university departments and registered student organizations.

In 2020-2021, UNCW students, faculty and staff found 2,700+ events for them to attend on WaveLink or the mobile app, CORQ.