Campus Activities & Involvement Center

Meet The Staff

Staff biographies.

Vacant, Director of Student Involvement & Leadership

The Director provides leadership for the team of professional and student staffs who oversee campus activities & programs, student involvement, and leadership development. This position serves as the primary advisor to the Student Government Association (SGA) and represents Campus Life's efforts at university-wide planning workgroups for student success.  



Andrea Ingle, Associate Director for Student Involvement

Andrea provides leadership for the student involvement experience providing advising support and training for UNCW Registered Student Organizations. This position serves as the primary administrator for WaveLink, UNCW's student organization and events portal, and provides leadership for retention and student success efforts. Andrea is from Boone, NC with a Masters Degree in English Language from UNCW. Andrea has been at UNCW since 2014.

Strengths Coach: Input, Context, Intellection, Empathy, Learner.


Erin Williamson, Assistant Director for Leadership Development

Erin oversees the development, implementation, and assessment of leadership development programs including workshops and coaching related to Emotionally Intelligent Leadership and CliftonStrengths curriculums. Erin supervises the Leadership Educators in their numerous contributions to workshops, trainings, and special requests for leadership development programs. Erin earned a Masters in Student Affairs in Higher Eduation from Texas State University and has been at UNCW since 2015.

Strengths Coach: Communication, Adaptability, Maximizer, Relator, Developer.


Darion Bayles, Assistant Director for Campus Activities & Programs

Darion provides guidance on the planning, promotion, and implementation of all annual events within the Campus Activities & Programs team. Darion coordinates arts, culture, and contemporary issues programming such as the Boseman Art Gallery and Leadership Lecture Series. As well, he supervises the Campus Life Marketing Team. Darion comes from Greensboro, NC and earned his Masters in Higher Education with a focus in student wellness. Darion has been at UNCW since Fall 2019.

Strengths Coach: Communication, Strategic, Woo, Individualization, Command.


Ashton Inman, Assistant Director for Student Involvement

Ashton provides support and oversight of the Involvement Center, home to 230+ Registered Student Organizations, and supervision of the Involvement Specialists. Ashton coordinates major programs and resources dedicated to supporting student involvement including Involvement Fairs, presentations, and student organization recognition. Ashton received her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from UNCW and her Masters of Education in Student Affairs Administration from UNC Greensboro. Ashton has been working at UNCW since July 2021.

Strengths Coach: Developer, Consistency, Empathy, Achiever, Deliberative.



Kyle Glover, Coordinator for Campus Activities & Programs (Weekend & Union Programs)

Kyle serves as the primary supervisor for the Campus Activities & Programming Specialist Team that coordiates late night alternatives to alcohol and substance use (UNCWeekends) and Union programming designed to enhance sense of belonging at UNCW. Kyle received his Bachelor's in Political Science and History at UNCW and has been working at UNCW in Fall 2022.

Strengths Coach: Deliberative, Restorative, Significance, Activator, Communication.



Madeline Filling, Coordinator for Campus Activities & Programs (ACE)

Madeline serves as the primary advisor to the Association for Campus Entertainment (ACE), the campus programming board which organizes films, concerts, activities, and spirit programs such as Homecoming. Madeline earned a Master's of Edication in Higher Education from Clemson University and has been at UNCW since Summer 2022.

Strengths Coach: Woo, Positivity, Activator, Empathy, Communication.


Alyssa Runnels, Coordinator for Leadership Development

Alyssa provides support to the coordination of varying leadership development programs including the Seahawk Leadership Conference, ELEVATE Leadership Retreat, and administrative support to the development of existing and new leadership workshop content. Alyssa supervises the leadership educators who provide peer to peer educational leadership experiences. Alyssa received her Bachelor's Degree in Deaf Studies from Columbia College Chicago and has been at UNCW since 2021.

Strengths Coach: Woo, Maximizer, Empathy, Developer, Connectedness.


Craig Fanto, Graduate Assistant for Student Organization Support

Craig is the GA for Student Organization Support and provides assistance to Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) in their personal growth, event planning, and use of WaveLink. Craig supports the operations of the Involvement Center and supervision of the Involvement Specialist team. Craig provides WaveLink training for RSOs and UNCW departments and assists Campus Life staff with the analysis of programming data to aid in retention and persistence of students. 

Strengths Coach: Context, Positivity, Achiever, Arranger, Includer.


Jacob Bowers, Graduate Assistant for Association for Campus Entertainment

Jacob is the GA for the Association for Campus Entertainment (ACE) providing leadership, advising, and supervision to the campus programming board. Jacob specifically advises three of the six committees - Arts, Concerts, and Films which organizes a variety of well-known signature events including Crafternoons, Battle of the Bands, and Hawk-In.

Strengths Coach: Futuristic, Relator, Strategic, Adaptability, Developer.


Brian Hutchins, Graduate Assistant for Leadership Development

Brian is the Graduate Assistant for Leadership Development providing supporting to the curriculum development and workshop scheduling for Emotionally Intelligent Leadership and StrengthsFinders. Jacob supports the professional staff in their supervision of the Leadership Educators.

Strengths Coach: Intellection. Connectedness. Input. Deliberative. Context.