Campus Activities & Involvement Center

Advisor Information

The Campus Activities & Involvement Center has a number of ways to keep advisors up-to-date with registered student organization information. Here are some examples of resources that are available:

Advisor Meet and Greets and Round Tables
Student organization Advisor Meet and Greets and Round Tables are held periodically during the academic year to give advisors an opportunity to meet one another, swap ideas, troubleshoot with other advisors, and make announcements. Additionally, the Campus Activities & Involvement Center makes announcements regarding events and deadlines that affect student organizations throughout the course of the year.

In the fall, the Advisor Meet and Greet dicusses the re-registration process, the most current Student Organization Handbook (online coming soon), and other important information relevant to student organizations.

In the spring, we cover topics such as SGA operational budget request process and deadlines, the Dub Awards (student organization leadership awards) and nomination process, and other important spring and summer information and events.

Advisor Coffee Breaks
Throughout the year, we also host coffee breaks for our advisors.  This is a chance for us to share coffee and bagels, while talking through their role as advisors.  We invite you to join us when we hold these meetings and to share topics you would like for the group to discuss.

Frequently Asked Questions
Although our nearly 300 registered student organizations cover a wide spectrum of focus areas, we have found that the challenges met by the advisors of these organizations tend to have many things in common - motivating members, balancing responsibilities between the advisor and the students, navigating learning outcomes, fiscal management to name a few.

Additional Information Meetings
Should a topic of interest arise, email us at to let us know and we will be happy to put together a presentation or hold a meeting for advisors interested in the topic.

In the past, we've held meetings with guest speakers who addressed conflict management and leadership styles. We've also hosted webinars on topics such as liability & tort law, copyright information, and risk management. We are happy to lend assistance to any of our student organization advisors to ensure they are successful in their role in working with student leaders.