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External Invoicing

External Invoices for existing customers submitted on or before 10am on Wednesday will be emailed to the customer on Friday of the same week

Description: Link:
Overview: External invoice overview (PDF)
Form & Instructions: External invoice form (PDF)
Form Instructions (PDF)
Backup Documentation: How to submit backup docs with invoice (PDF)
Foreign Customers: Invoicing a foreign customer who will pay by wire (PDF)
Banner Views and Reconciling: Banner views when invoices & payments have posted (PDF)
Reconciling Banner to the SSRS aging report (PDF)
SSRS Reports: Viewing SSRS reports (PDF
WebNow: Viewing documents in WebNow (PDF
Viewing PAID & UNPAID invoices in WebNow & SSRS (PDF
WebNow FAQ's (PDF
Description of queues in WebNow (PDF
Training: Sign up for external invoice training