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Research lab

Game Engineering Minor

Our Alumni Have Careers As:

Implement artwork and animations into game systems while ensuring everything displays and runs in real-time.

Craft services that run synchronously and persistently on gaming servers.
Translate impactful special effects into real-time environments often using particle systems.
Work on graphics programming teams to design and maintain rendering algorithms (drawing the final scene to the screen) focusing on real-time output.

program completion feature
program completion feature

Learn To

Understand game engine subsystems theory on collision, physics, animation, audio and rendering

Implement mathematical models for collisions, physics, animation systems, audio and rendering

Work within multiple gaming APIs and engines, i.e. OpenGL, DirectX, Unreal, Unity

Choose correct algorithms and APIs to optimize running software on different hardware

Create programs using the full game loop sequence of processing user input, updating the system and rendering

Game Engineering Minor Program Overview