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a person off campus watering plants in the shape of “UNCW”

Environmental Sciences Minor

Alumni work as:

Protect and preserve natural resources and parklands.

Study the relationships of organisms to their environment.

Study human effects on the environment.

Assess and plan the use of land, community areas and other urban locations.

Enforce state and federal laws protecting natural resources, including fish and wildlife.

program completion feature
program completion feature

Learn To

Gain intellectual and analytical skills along with the scholarly background necessary to understand and solve environmental problems

Study environmental processes to understand their effects on society and the effects society has on those processes

Focus on the relationship between humans, other organisms, and the physical, chemical, and biological aspects that influence both natural and engineered environments

This trip blew my expectations out of the water, it showed me people share my values on the environment and are being proactive in trying to save our planet. I marveled about the beauty of Iceland, learned about the processes that shaped the country, learned how to harness the Earth's energy to power a country, all while making 32 amazing friends.
EVS Student
Environmental Sciences Minor Program Overview