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Program Details

Online and On-Campus Programs

Raise the Level

Raise the level of communicative competence of native and non-native speakers of Spanish

Provide Critical Skills

Provide critical and practical skills necessary for analyzing, assessing, and addressing academic and societal issues related to Hispanic cultures

Provide Knowledge

Provide knowledge and advanced skills in the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures necessary for higher-level graduate work

Increase, Improve and Promote

Increase, improve and promote cultural understanding and awareness of regional, national and international Spanish-speaking communities

Train Professionals

Train professionals ready to work and interact with the Latinx population in the U.S. and abroad
Our students come from many different backgrounds, including current K-12 Spanish teachers, recent alumni of undergraduate programs, professionals working throughout North Carolina, the US, and abroad.


Students may choose between a thesis or non-thesis option. You can find more information about the degree requirements here.

No, we do not require the GRE for our programs.
Most students complete the M.A. in 4 semesters. Students are required to complete the degree within five years.

No, students in the M.A. take the same courses, regardless of whether they are main campus or online students.

We offer our on-campus courses in classrooms that allow distance students to participate fully via Zoom.

Occasionally, some courses are offered asynchronously or only synchronously with no on-campus option.

Yes, we will accept a maximum of six transfer credits for relevant courses in which the student earns at least a B.

Yes, our students are able to complete an internship for academic credit (SPN 598).

Students who are GTAs are also able to work in our Spanish Conversation Center (either on-campus or via Zoom), co-teach a beginning or intermediate Spanish course, and teach their own Spanish language courses, providing you valuable experience for your future career!

Pursue graduate studies in Spanish at UNCW

Students who are awarded a GTA position gain hands-on experience interacting with language learners by working in our Spanish Conversation Center, co-teaching beginning and intermediate Spanish courses, and teaching their own sections of Spanish language courses as the instructor of record.

Our students work closely with faculty who are experts in their fields of study in order to create original, meaningful scholarship. Our students are encouraged to seize the opportunity to develop their passions and interests.

Many first and second-year students travel to conduct research, present their findings at national and international conferences, and publish articles in peer-reviewed journals and books.
Unlike many graduate programs where students take almost all work in either literature or linguistics, at UNCW students take a wide variety of courses in the linguistics, literature, film studies, history, culture, and pedagogy, among other topics.

All of our Spanish graduate courses are taught in the evening or online which allows us to serve traditional as well as non-traditional students.

We offer a number of teaching assistantships through which students gain extensive training and real-world experience in teaching a second language or working in units across campus.

We also offer merit-based scholarships as well as grants for research and travel to academic conference.

We are invested in the academic and professional success of our students. We view the relationship between faculty and graduate student as one of supportive collaboration.

Our primary goal is to empower students to accomplish their professional goals, whether that is teaching Spanish at the university level, pursuing a Ph.D., or working in a field where proficiency in Spanish and knowledge of Hispanic cultures are key.

Upcoming Events

Event Location Date
Spanish Graduate Student Orientation Zoom 08/18/2023 5:00 PM

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