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International Programs students standing in Red Square

Russian Studies Minor

Explore Russian Culture on Campus, Virtually and Abroad
  • 285 M

    Russian is Spoken by Millions of People in Territories From Eastern Europe to Central Asia

  • Virtual

    Participate Virtually in our Russian Studies Consortium

  • 5th

    UNCW Rises to 5th Among Peer Institutions in Number of Students Studying Abroad

Find your career in:

The minor prepares you for careers in education including teaching, tutoring or private lessons.

Knowledge of Russian culture and politics can lead to careers in global affairs.

An understanding of the Russian economy and market is critical to international finance careers.

Russian language skills are important in the public and private sector.

Russian belongs to the category of “critical languages” vital for U.S. national security.

program completion feature
program completion feature

Learn To

The Russian language

Russian culture

Russian-speaking nations

Russian Studies Minor Program Overview